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Ingrid's personal testimony

I am born and raised on a school ground (because my Dad was teacher), in a Christian home in Paraguay South America the oldest of five. Myself, three brothers and a sister. I knew since I was very small that I wanted to follow Jesus. When I was 14 years I officially committed myself to confess Jesus as my Lord and Savior. The next year on October 3, 1965 I was baptized. I still remember that day, after the baptism the congregation would have lunch together, we would sit with our pastor on the table and I said: "I just want to be with Jesus right now", I felt so ready. Our pastor said we would still have sometimes struggles but Jesus would be always there, just as he has promised in Matthew 28,20. I wanted to be a teacher and leading children to Jesus. I thought that was what I could do.

But in 1970 I married, after 4 years dating. We got married in the church where we both got baptized. Very soon we had 2 sons. Then we decided to move to Canada for a while. We lived for 3 years in Vancouver, BC. Our daughter was born at that time. Back in Paraguay our youngest son was born. The first 10 years we had 4 beautiful children. I thought I had it all, we had our own farm and machinery, we had people working for us.

In 1986 we adopted a baby girl from a native family. They could not take care of her. I would always have a soft heart for the poor, we would help where ever we could. I remember at that time thinking, "I even don't wanna die, because heaven can not be better, I have a loving husband", so I thought, "he was not always home but he was everything to me". We would always have fun family trips, the kids would love it. In the evenings I could go to bible classes. Everything seemed so perfect.

In 1992 my husband started talking try moving again to Canada. I was not very much excited, because our oldest son Hans Arno would not come along. Then my husband revealed that he had relationships with other women, he wanted to get out of it and he even had a child with one of the woman and she couldn't really take care of it. My world crashed, I cried out to God, but I was not ready to let go of my marriage. We adopted another child, his daughter almost 2 years old.

In July 1993 we had sold everything in Paraguay and came to Canada, with 5 children. Manfred already 21 at that time, went back to Paraguay after 1 year and got married to his high school sweetheart. We transferred our Church membership from an Mennonite Brethern Church in Paraguay to an Mennonite Brethern Church in Canada. I would be always part in a woman's fellowship group, when I could.

In March of 1994 the doctors found a fast growing kidney cancer in my husband and he had a very big surgery. I remember parking on the side road from the hospital home and crying out to God, please don't let him die, I don't want to be alone in Canada. The doctors had removed everything, but our marriage broke apart.

In December 1994, right after Christmas he went back to Paraguay. Left me with 4 children 3, 8, 14 and 17 and he left church. I had no work, could not pay the mortgage, lost my house. I just had God, he knows my tears. But God always would provide, sometimes very miraculously.

Now in 2002, I am looking back on the last 8 years, God has given me that deep longing for him, what I never had before. Thank You Jesus!
I have 2 sons HansArno and Manfred, married and living in Paraguay, South America; Rosaline, my daughter and my youngest son Randolf, he is married, living here in Canada; at home I have my 2 adopted daughters, Tabea and Miriam, and God is always there with his grace and love, even if we don't feel it and we sometimes fail to acknowledge it.
My prayer is that my children and grandchildren would be ready when Jesus comes back.
"Oh, Lord Jesus make us all ready and give us the courage to be a witness for you!"

Praise the Lord our God and Saviour Jesus Christ for everything he has done!

My all-time favorite Bible verse is in Isaiah 41 verse 10:
"Don't be afraid, for I am with you. Do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you. I will help you. I will uphold you with my victorious right Hand."

Posted in March 2002

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